Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

Some sketches I did while I was at Krome. Really awesome theme (Wizard of Oz in Feudal Japan), so I wound up writing little back stories for the characters to inspire the designs.

Scarecrow: an impetuous and foolish young man with the power to rip apart and transform his body at will.
Tinman: Once a great samurai, this man befell a terrible curse costing him his body, soul and the one he loved most. Wandering the misty lands of Oz for a seeming eternity, he seeks his soul so that he may find his eternal rest with his departed love.
Lion: On a quest to restore the blade of courage after his clan was beaten in disgrace. The blade was shattered by his enemy's leader and scattered across the land. However, he must return the blade's shards to the mighty wizard of the land so that the blade can be reforged. It will only be upon the blade's restoration that this Lion warrior find peace.
Dorothy: a young girl swept far away from her farmland home.

I started this on saturday and it turned out ok though I'd probably want to revisit the tin man's design at a later stage.

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