Monday, January 24, 2011

Fear in Symmetry: Cave Squid Twins

So I want to design a squid girl twin boss for the Gate that lives in an underground cave:

I looked up a ton of reference and scribbled one or two of them to loosen up and get familiar with the shapes and forms:

Then I did a few initial doodles on the tram:

I polished up the most successful idea so far, along with her bio luminescent state:


It's probably a little too human looking so I will do up another polished design at some point - more spider squiddage...


  1. awesome! Would love to see her/it attacking something.

  2. Thanks Richie! Will definitely upload more squid girl stuff for sure :)

  3. Awesome! *Follows*

    I love your work everything looks so smooth and cute.

  4. aww shucks - thanks CZ! ^_^