Monday, October 24, 2011

Tragi-magical Tower of Awesome

Oh man are these guys doing STUFF!!! Why would anyone draw the good guys when there are badasses with stinky powers and wispidy capes?! *girly sigh*

It's not quite the result I wanted, but an attempt to improve my uberw00tage nonetheless. And if all else fails there is pretty smoky Evil Lyn(da) so no one will notice the mistakes...

Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Trapjaw,Tri-Klops, Stinkor, Hordak, Merman, Clawful, Beastman - guess who's who? :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Minion Fest!

So many He-Mannish works in progress with even more to come: You're right to assume I have a problem at this point, but why argue with the compelling allure of furry pants and sharp objects? :D

Still tons to do on Snake Mountain but here's an update:

And i got carried away with Skeletor minion sketches too: 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big Dumb Fun

As a wee toddling lass I watched my beloved Skeletor from behind the couch and he's remained firmly embedded in my heart ever since (and I still want that throne - imagine the power, the cup holders...).

I tried to make his body match his head a little more, ditched the bone bow tie and changed the way the sword splits, but he still wound up looking flat and uninteresting:

It kinda bothered me so I wound up repainting him and I think the result is a lot better:

And now I hope I can make Snake Mountain look interesting too....*when in doubt, moar teeth* I got impatient and posted a very early WIP, but I will post an update when it's done. Is it weird that everything I eat tastes like purple now? O_o

Friday, March 18, 2011

King of Thorn Minion

There was so much latent potential in the King of Thorn movie but I felt one of the creatures was an especially overlooked design opportunity, so here's my own interpretation complete with his key features / colours in tact:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fear in Symmetry: Cave Squid Twins

So I want to design a squid girl twin boss for the Gate that lives in an underground cave:

I looked up a ton of reference and scribbled one or two of them to loosen up and get familiar with the shapes and forms:

Then I did a few initial doodles on the tram:

I polished up the most successful idea so far, along with her bio luminescent state:


It's probably a little too human looking so I will do up another polished design at some point - more spider squiddage...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spooge Critters

Last night I was experimenting with a new brush I made to see if i could get a nice sculptural / painterly effect.

It's probably better for detailing rather than blocking in sketches but I had fun all the same - been a while since I painted any critters :) I spent about 15 mins on each one, give or take.

Definitely going to do more to loosen up and get those shapes down quickly - once I'm more comfortable with values I'll try some colour speedpaints.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Diggsby's on the job

I have to say, mechanical design isn't my forte, but I'm making a focused effort to improve; and suffice to say, have learnt a fair bit from this piece (it's easy to get embroiled in the practical vs cool spiral of hardware design, and of course there's always the temptation to add more detail).

I kept things relatively simple and opted for a bipedal design for the sake of making the design interesting and still somewhat associative with a real world item, so I was careful to make the forms more practical.